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A bankruptcy attorney provides reassurance needed at a time of economic stress.  Emotions run high and it makes sense to have an impassioned advocate to assuage your concerns.

Bankruptcy is one of the most specialized legal fields.  Even if a lawyer were to file for bankruptcy, they would likely hire a colleague who is specifically a bankruptcy attorney.

A bankruptcy attorney will possess knowledge of the extensive federal, state and local bankruptcy statutes and rules that determine correct procedure.

A bankruptcy attorney will complete contracts to reaffirm (reinstate) car loans or redeem (purchase for current value) properties.

A bankruptcy attorney will move to avoid liens on your home, such as those stemming from judgments.

A bankruptcy attorney can address and resolve debts that are not automatically  extinguished in your bankruptcy petition.

A bankruptcy attorney will answer objections lodged by creditors who would preclude your attempt to discharge debt in bankruptcy

A bankruptcy attorney will anticipate possible obstacles and adapt your bankruptcy petition accordingly to prevent losses.

A bankruptcy attorney will ensure you gain the maximum benefits from bankruptcy: optimal asset retention; optimal discharge of debt.

A bankruptcy attorney will prevent fatal error that could lead to dismissal of your bankruptcy case.

In electing whether to retain counsel, a client should consider the costs and benefits.  If numbers mean something, then know that almost all bankruptcies are handled by attorneys.  Recent figures quoted by the Court stated that 97% of chapter 7 petitions are filed by lawyers.  Bankruptcy law is a very nuanced thing and you want to retain an attorney with exclusive practice in that area.

What is the benefit to hiring a bankruptcy attorney?

First, getting your bankruptcy handled correctly.  I can make sure that you retain as many assets as possible while having the maximum amount of your debts discharged in bankruptcy.  Second, if your bankruptcy case isn’t filed correctly, it could be dismissed and you may not be able to file again for quite some time, while creditors continue to hound.  By hiring me you are saving your valuable time and gaining peace of mind that it is being handled professionally.

I’d like to see a bankruptcy attorney.  What’s so special about you?

Bankruptcy laws are not one-size-fits-all and the same applies to bankruptcy attorneys.  There are no attorney HMOs and you are not restricted in your choice.  You’ll find in me a down-to-earth person, who will take the time to listen and understand your particular concerns.  You will be given the respect and individual attention you deserve.  While it is an attorney’s duty to keep the client informed, that duty is not always fulfilled in this profession.  That is simply not my practice.  I will be there to discuss your concerns the day you call.  Our mission is to obtain the best possible result for you and we’ll settle for nothing less. We are a small, family-run office, not an impersonal mill with a thousand customers assigned a thousand numbers and then assigned a random attorney who doesn’t know their name.  I know my clients and I care for them.  It’s my name on the proverbial shingle and I do not compromise my good (albeit ambiguously pronounced) name.  By the way, I pronounce it, Ah-saf, with the stress on the second syllable, and the second “a” sounds like a soft “o.”  The name’s from the Book of Psalms and there’s a town called Asaph in Pennsylvania.  Apparently, there was even a Saint Asaph.  Don’t know when or where he’s from, but I visited a town in Wales named after him and I walked his eponymous street in New Zealand.  Don’t get yours truly wrong:  I ain’t no saint and I never will be. But I do my best.  Though sometimes I digress.

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Why hire a bankruptcy attorney?

San Diego bankruptcy attorney
San Diego bankruptcy attorney

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