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What our Clients are saying*:

“I want to thank everyone at the Office of Asaph Abrams for the kindness,

care and concise explanations of the process of filing a BK. The online

options and the use of email helped and also streamlined the daunting task

of filing for bankruptcy. Please extend my personal gratitude to Asaph and

each and every member of his staff, you guys are awesome. I would definitely

recommend you to anyone who needs honesty, integrity and real

professionalism demonstrated by the people who work in your office.”

“You are the best and I like to express my heartfelt appreciation for

your efficient services.”

“Asaph and his crew are amazing. When we walked into his office for

the free consultation I was literally shaking, put aside the fact that

we were embarrassed at the situation we got our self into financially;

we weren’t sure how much information we needed to provide him and if

we were going to get the honest story.

After a few questions Asaph explained to us our options and there was

no pressure to make a commitment. On the same day my wife and I

decided to give Asaph the lead. The process was easy and each step was

explained in simple English and thoroughly. The team was always available

and responsive. I was able to deliver all the requested information via

e-mail attachment, which made my life easy.

The phone calls stopped within a few days after we hired Asaph’s services

and we were able to make a new start in about 90 days from the beginning

of the process.”

“From the bottom of our hearts we are grateful for everything you and your

firm has done to get my husband and I on the path of financial recovery.  

We want you to know we appreciate it very much.”

“Thank you for all your effort and TLC you put into making a stressful time

more manageable.  We are filled with gratitude and appreciation. 

We can’t thank you enough for your help!”

“Thanks to you guys this will be the best holiday year for me and my family.

Thanks for everything and happy holidays you and your families as well.”

“What a smooth experience, even [the Trustee] made a comment

on the organization of Asaph's cases and thanked him for it.

Well done Asaph, thank you from the both of us!”

“I [talked to] other attorneys and Asaph was the best and most reasonable.  

Asaph and his staff were very professional through the whole process.

I will and have referred to them everyone I know that is going through the same thing.

Thanks again.”

“Asaph Abrams made the whole process very easy for me and my wife.

He is a very knowledgeable attorney. He is always on top of everything

and always willing to answer all questions by e-mail or phone. The staff

at this office is always available for questions during the BK process.

There were no issues at all during the Creditors meeting, Asaph is very

organized and he makes sure that all the documentation is complete before

the creditor's meeting.

Thanks a lot Asaph and Staff for your great service.”

“Thank you, Asaph. Your attention to detail and friendly service

are very much appreciated. You've made a fan for life.

I'll tell anyone in need of an attorney that you are fast and

honest and I was impressed.”

“I was very pleased at how smoothly things went with my case,

and I enjoyed meeting you, and talking with Robin – she also assisted me greatly.  

I've passed your name on to several friends in the San Diego area,

so should they need a good lawyer, you may hear from them.

Thanks again for all of your care during such a difficult and stressful time.”

“Dear Asaph,                          

I thank you very very much for all your help, and helping me go

thru this difficult time. I have definitely learned a lot from it, and

happy to be debt free now. I feel the weight off my shoulders.

Thanks again”

“I would recommend this office to any one of my friends. You were

affordable and you and your office were always pleasant and prompt

with any questions. Didn't have to call back or email for answers. You

were very good about answering everything. Can't say enough good

things about you and your office. You never made me feel stupid and

were very patient in a time that is very troubling for a lot of people.

Thank you to you and everyone in your office.”

“Asaph and his staff were great!  They were always available to answer

any questions in a timely manner and everything went smoothly from day one.  

I highly recommend them to anyone looking into filing a bankruptcy.”

“Thank you so much for your assistance, Asaph!

We will recommend you to anyone who asks us for a referral.”

“Thanks…so much! To Jaba and the Abrams Family,

Thank you all so much for the time and effort you put into my case.  I understand I was not the easiest of clients, so I really appreciate the

extra time you guys took to help organize my filing.”

“Thank you so much for ALL your assistance in a very difficult time for me.

I was really impressed at how much could be done on line making for less

office visits and also having a record of everything to save for myself.

Thanks again.”

“You guys were awesome, not to mention extremely patient with me.

Thank you for all that you did.”

“Asaph and his staff were VERY helpful and honest. Everything

they told me happened exactly as they said it would, no surprises.

Did I mention the cost was lower than everyone else! Best deal

for a bankruptcy attorney I could have found.

Thanks guys!”

“The process was smooth and painless. Every question was answered by the

attorney, no re-work or hassle and within a few months it was over.

Thanks again.”

“This [bankruptcy] is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do,

but the personal help from you and your staff made all the

difference in being able to get past it and move forward.

I will recommend you to everyone I know who needs your services.

Thank you so very much!”

“You were more than super efficient!  It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

“A thousand thanks. [This discharge order] is very good news. 

My wife and I really appreciate all your help and support all

this time. Thank you again and will make sure to write excellent

reviews online for your office.

Thanks again”

“I was going through a very stressful time in my life not only

with the bill collectors, and when I started my bankruptcy this office

helped me through it all with kindness and care.  

They were very polite and patient with me. I thank them for

everything they have done to help me through it all.”

“My huge thank you to the Law office of Asaph Abrams. The process

went so smoothly and exactly the way Attorney, Asaph explained it to me.

Now, I feel so much better. A special thanks to Mellanie and Jaba who

always had the time to answer all my questions :) You guys are the best.

More power to you.....”

“Thank you Mr. Abrams for you and Jodi's great service. I will recommend you,

as I would use your help again in the future... should I ever need it.”

“Great attorney.  Made my bankruptcy fast and easy the way

it was explained to me. Mellanie and Jaba were the greatest;

anytime I called they were at the ready. Thanks so much for your help!”

“Thank you all so much!! I was dreading the process....

You guys made it bearable, almost easy.”

“The staff as well as Asaph was so organized and professional.

They were willing to take the time to explain all options and paperwork.

It was so easy to do a lot of the work online. Thanks for all your hard

work and effort. I will refer anyone else I know that needs your assistance. 

Thanks again”

“I cannot say enough about Asaph and Co. You guys rock!!!!!!”

“Thanks so much for your help and kindness. Please thank your excellent

staff as well. They are awesome!”

“I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your help....

Thanks again for your professionalism, your prompt responses and your

excellent staff.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.”

“I went into the BK process feeling somewhat ashamed of my situation.

I did a search and found the subtle humor on Asaph's site appealing. Here,

now some six months later (yes, they were very patient and considerate

of my situation) I have been relieved of my debts and have actually learned

some financial management going through the process!

Thank you Asaph, Melanie and Jodie! You all will be highly recommended!”

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